Biometric Fingerprint Safes

Get To Know Biometric Fingerprint Safe

A biometric fingerprint safe is storage for valuable which uses biometric technology to identify authorized users. Biometric technology uses unique human characteristics as identification markers, in this case the fingerprint. The concept behind its creation is for additional security making safes a reliable storage for keeping sensitive and important materials.

Positive Features

• Easily accessible – a biometric fingerprint safe opens easily and in an instant. With a simple touch from the biometric pad, the security safe will open provided that the fingerprint is stored in the memory and is permitted to have an access.

• Other biometric safes such as biometric wall safe also have a combination of other locking mechanism. Other safes of this kind will require swiping of a card and this is all for better security.

• Water-resistant – minimal amount of water can be withstand by the biometric fingerprint safe, but obviously not when being submerged like during floods.

• Fire-resistant – only biometric fingerprint safe that have the passed the Underwrites Laboratory fire resistant testing are generally considered to have the ability to be fire safe, something that protect the gun or anything the case contains in cases of fire.

Negative Features

• Price is the main concern for the biometric fingerprint safe, since the product is a bit advance, buyers must expect that it will be a little costly. While these prices are not extremely high, they are elevated compare to the typical combination or key safe.

• The tendency to fail in detecting – though research says that the chance of this occurrence is less than 1%, there is still a minute possibility that the biometric fingerprint safe will not detect owners own fingerprint, or permit access to some one else’s mark. But for that rare event, a spare key is always available for the safe to pen.