Gun Safe Installation Advice

Gun safe installation is not as difficult as some people might have you believe.

You can fairly easily find guides online, so there is always the simple and cost effective of learning how to install your own gun safe.

Having said that, hiring an expert for safe installation can be a good idea in some cases, because there might be some technical aspects of the safe that only those who know it professionally are aware of. This doesn’t mean though that you can easily pick any old expert online and let them install the safe for you. You need to see first if they’re authorized.

In general terms, gun safe installation is pretty easy when you have the right equipment and the right directions. If you do not have the proper tools to do your own gun safe installation then we recommend that you get a professional to install your firearm safes.

Where To Find Gun Safe Installation Experts

The gun safe installation guides you can find today are usually pretty thorough, so you might as well check them out yourself. The stuff you can find on the manufacturer’s site is normally the best information that you can possibly obtain so do check out the gun safe installation details they have on their website, or the manual that came with your product.

Tips For A Successful Gun Safe Installation

  1. Put some thought into where you want to place your guns safe. This is important as it will be hard to move later on down the road. There are some locations that make much more sense than others so put some time and thought into this aspect of your safe installation.
  2. If you aren’t 100% confident in doing this yourself (and sometimes even if you are), hire somebody else to do the gun safe installation for you! If you purchased your safe online many of these companies actually include a free shipping and safe installation service when you purchase from them.
  3. Place a mat or metal under where your gun safe is going to reside to act as a moisture barrier and prevent damage to the underside of your gun safe.
  4. Always make sure that your unit is sitting completely level before performing the gun safe installation.

Failure to follow manufacturers guidelines may damage your safe, resulting in a worthless safe or expensive safe repair fees.