Gun Safe Locks

Understanding the Different Gun Safe Locks

Combination/Mechanical locks:

• This gun safe lock is a bit traditional and old lockbox but is trusted and has a tested design.

• Safes secured with this type of lock are basically free of the hassle in maintenance process. A routine maintenance by a locksmith every 4 to 5 years is all that is needed for the combination lock to last.

• However, the bad side regarding this type of gun safe lock is that it is very slow when gaining access. It also is deficient of the many extra security and convenience features that subsequent model type has.

Electronic Locks:

• Entering the number combination in a keypad is how this gun safe lock works, so in contrast with the mechanical lock that was mentioned above, these safe locks are more convenient to use and relatively quick in gaining access.

• This gun safe lock can also be synchronize and team up with motion sensors, alarm systems, and even integrated with surveillance cameras.

• Maintenance on the other hand is an issue for this gun safe lock since it will require changing of its 9 volt batteries once a year. More so if it is recurrently accessed. Buy gun safes with this kind of lock and be sure to buy replacement battery as well.

Biometric Locks:

• This type of gun safe lock uses the unique human characteristics such the hair, voice, and most commonly the fingerprint to allow access to safes.

• Security is what this type of lock is sure to provide. With a highly individualized genetic feature, burglars will have an impossible task to possibly invade valuables contained in such lock.

• Easy access is also a great feature the biometric has, with a simple press of the fingers onto the scanner or a voice command, the lock box will open.

• Price will be the main downside of this gun safe lock, in comparison with the two locks, biometric safe locks are costly.