Firearm Safes

Firearm Safes For Safety

Pistol safes are great firearm safes if you only have a pistol handgun. The best models of these safes make it easy for users to use their pistol when necessary. Pistol safes can use many different locking mechanisms but the most common is the key lock.

While a biometric safe isn’t necessarily a firearm safe, it is a very good feature to have on one. These safes use what is known as biometric technology which is used as a password to open the unit.

Biometric technology is the use of human characteristics such as iris scans, fingerprints, voice recognition and even DNA testing to obtain access to firearm safes. This type of technology makes it very difficult to get into firearm safes without the owner.

Understanding Firearm Safes Resistance to Fire

With possession of a firearm comes a big responsibility. Purchasing a firearm is just one half the job, while keeping it well protected and out of harms way is the other obligation an owner must be mindful of. Firearm safes are there to help a gun owner attain and meet the demands of owning a firearm.

When owning firearm safes, one of the most important things to understand is the fire rating. There are plenty of manufacturers out there that will say that they have the best gun safes, but you need to check if their promise is true. Check the fire rating of these firearm safes, the manufacturer may provide its own fire rating but it is better and more reliable if the underwriters’ laboratory is the one that provided the fire rating for those cheap gun safes or any safes being tested.

Firearm safes are rated in two areas, one is how long the safe can endure a fire, and the other how high the interior temperature is going to get during one. Also remember that no firearm safe is fire proof, even the best safe is not fire proof!

It is only fire resistant, and since fires at home last for under an hour and do not rise in temperatures more than around 700 degrees, being resistant to fire is usually good enough, also note that the higher the rating of firearm safes the more likely your stored items will survive.

Take in to consideration that different items burn at different temperatures, this means that the higher the rating of your fire resistant firearm safes, the better it is for items that burns quickly. Security boxes for instance, if this storage is made of wood, in case of fire since it is made of wood the chances of it being burned rapidly is very high.