Homak Gun Safes

Gun Safe: The Brand Named Homak

With different brands of pistol safes and gun safe out in the market, understanding at least one of the many brands is an essential way for a buyer to accurately make safe brand choice decisions. And with this article, Homak is the particular brand that will be discussed.

The History of Homak

  • Sigmund H. Danziger was the founder of Homak manufacturing in 1947 at Chicago.
  • The termed “Homak” basically came from a sign that the founder came across on a hat store.

The Products of Homak

  • Upper add-on steel security cabinet
  • Small/Medium/Large electronic Pistol Gun Safes
  • Long gun safes
  • 6/8/12 Gun steel security cabinets
  • Quick Access Gun Cabinets
  • White wall Homak gun safes
  • 8 Gun double door steel security cabinets
  • 10 Gun steel corner security cabinets

The Most Popular Product of Homak

The Quick Access Gun Cabinet is one of the more popular Homak gun safe models, in particular the Homak HS30103630 and is globally supported. This gun safe is the type that can lasts for a very long time and is not very expensive. Plus the Homak gun safe has the capability to carry 12 guns as long as 52 inches and also uses an electronic locking system to let you get to the safe in an instant in the event of an emergency.

The Features of Homak

  • Majority of the Homak gun safe designs are rectangle in shape and they keep the guns in a vertical position.
  • They are able to hold six to fourteen rifles, pretty descent number, however still not as large as what other brands can hold.
  • A Homak gun safe only requires basic gun safe installation, and are already pre-bolted to allow the safe to be easily attached to the floor or wall and thus preventing thieves from the possibility taking away the safe.
  • Since most Homak products provide the needed warranty, safe repair will never be an issue.